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Smashing Your Balls - Ball Busting Videos

Twisted Females network features another trial for you! Smashing Your Balls is really hardcore porn site for those with balls of steel! If you feel tough enough to challenge the pain and gain pleasure, welcome to Smashing Your Balls fetish porn site!

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Mistress Carly - Strict Lady In Action

Mistress Carly ain't tolerate any disobedience! She's voluptuous and powerful, she loves dominating and will make a good boy out of you! Enter the porn site of Mistress Carly, see her school of obedience, where tortures and humiliation are heavenly!

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Femdom Streams - Female Domination Scenes

Femdom Streams is an extreme manifestation of female domination. It's the BDSM porn site, where ladies go too far without any fear. Desperate bitches enjoy fisting, fucking and torturing poor men, leaving them no chance to get away with it. Femdom Streams offers you extreme entertainment, and if you're ready to it — don't say we didn't warn you.

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Brutal CBT - Abusing Dicks And Balls

Girls can be dangerous. Especially when they find out, what's the most important for a guy. They start literally hating balls and cock, dreaming about torturing it. On Brutal CBT their dreams come true. They get obedient men in their hands, tie them up and torture, spanking and pressing their poor dicks until they get red and guys are screaming.

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Beneath Her - Face Sitting Scenes

If I could choose a way to die, probably suffocation under a beautiful ass is a nice option. Beneath Her is the porn site that doesn't let those boys feel deprived of anything. They can bite into the juicy flesh of pussies, lick assholes and tease booties of various girls who enjoy smothering. If you belong to any of the categories, you're welcome!

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18Dom - Teen Mistresses

If you think that 18 years old chicks are quite innocent and have some respect for the elders, you're terribly wrong. On the new porn site 18Dom you can make sure that those little harlots are much more dangerous than their mothers in female domination porn. They tease and they spank, they squeeze and rub until you give up your attempts to resist!

Current rating:100%

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Ruthless Mistress - Extreme Femdom Movies

Not every BDSM video gets exposed on the web. Some of them accidentally get too hot and out of control, and get stored somewhere else, where not many have access. Ruthless Mistress is one of such resources, exposing raw BDSM porn movies, which have gone wrong during the filming. Unleashed mistresses, whipping guys and getting too far are all there!

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Absolute Cruelty - Obscene Femdom Scenes

No matter how tough you are, keep away from this place. Neither a boxer nor a policeman can feel safe in this room. Absolute Cruelty is a porn site devoted to extreme female domination and it shows no mercy to any kind of men. Its videos are filled with cruelty, pain, suffering and tortures, but there is also place for orgasms and sweet fucking!

Current rating:100%

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Ballbusting Fantasies - Freaky CBT and Ballbusting

The porn site providing you with the best kind of BDSM movies, Ballbusting Fantasies exposes the delicious scenes of female domination, showing how far could those nasty bitches go in their disrespect for dicks and balls. Though, they still love it in the end, making guys cum whether they want it or not, just stimulating their helpless prostate.

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Kinky Kicks - Aggressive Sluts

Some guys are so shy that it's hard for them to look straight in the eyes for a girl they like. They dream that one day this beautiful lady will pay attention to them, but even in their filthiest dreams they can't go as far as the porn site Kinky Kicks goes in its porn movies! Here girls are very attracted by hanging dicks, kicking and sucking it!

Current rating:100%

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Tyrant Teasers - CBT Junkies

Tyrant Teasers is a porn site for those who enjoy mixing pain and pleasure, who can notice the attractive part in any perversion and those, who enjoy BDSM porn movies! Hardcore group female domination and penis torture turning into delicate and rough masturbation are available in porn movies over there! Join Tyrant Teasers and much in the action!

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Femdom Bride - Ultimate Femdom Games

Not all marriages are happy. Some of them are real hell. Wanna see as strict wife abuses her submissive cuckold husband? Ball busting, cock and ball torture, strapon games?

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BDSM Hardcore - Sick BDSM Games

Some sites are very extreme and they hardly stay in bounds of legal bdsm and nearly falling into forbidden types of it! Wanna see that ultimate bdsm porn action on the verge of extreme!

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Twisted Factory - Pass To BDSM Porn

Like bdsm porn? Wanna have 1 pass to more than 1 bdsm porn site? Bondage Pass will help you! It gives you access to 3 bdsm sites in following niches: bondage, femdom, ball busting!

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DomBallBusting - Sick Cock Torments

Well if you are very sensitive I suggest you to skip this site. Mad girls are going to kick, twist, burn and do other weird things will balls and cocks of submissive guys. Mad ball busting and cock tortures ahead!

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Realm Of Discipline - Femdom Kingdom

This is ultimate land of obedience. If any guy does not care about following rules he gets severely punished by merciless mistresses. Female domination porn awaits you here!

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Smutty Pass - 4 Femdom Sites

Smutty Pass is the multi access site that enclose sites with mainly female domination twist. Especially it focuses on ball busting and cock torture.

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Cock And Ball Biting - Girls Abusing Cocks

Sometimes girls are really crazy. They do things that are rather odd and outstanding. This time chicks are going to bite balls and dicks instead of worshiping them. Lets see some scary stories.

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CBT And Ball Busting - Cock Punishment

Not all ladies are innocent and shy. Some of them become strict mistresses who like to severely punish their slaves especially males! These crazy chicks abuse their cocks and balls!

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Divine Bitches - Woman Supremacy

Guy be aware! Severe bitches are hunting you down and do not get into their traps otherwise you will be strictly punished for everything you have done to girls!

Current rating:100%

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