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Divine Bitches - Woman Supremacy

Guy be aware! Severe bitches are hunting you down and do not get into their traps otherwise you will be strictly punished for everything you have done to girls!

Current rating:100%

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Strapon My Man - Ladies Fuck Their Boyfriends

Bad behavior can be seriously dangerous for some guys who has got girlfriends with a temper. They can easily took on their strapons and fuck all shit out of asses of disobedient boyfriends.

Current rating:new

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LezzoDom - Cruel Lesbians

Be aware of massive strapons that can destroy your pussy and mouth. Witness as severe lesbian mistresses teach their subby slaves to swallow enormous toys and vibrators.

Current rating:new

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Goddess Of Submission - Female Supremacy Revealed

Sometimes man soul lives in woman body. At this time that soul wants to prove that woman can be stronger than any guy around. Female supremacy in a real action!

Current rating:new

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Russian Mistress - Strict Ladies From Russia

It is a well known fact that Russian girl a damn beautiful and nasty. Today you are going to learn other side of these sweethearts. They can be very cruel sometimes. Jump in!

Current rating:100%

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Strapon Hell - Male Asses Punished

Some guys hate to dominate and they prefer to be submissive and obedient to their strict mistresses. Lets watch some female domination stories and see how it might happen.

Current rating:50%

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Japanese Femdom Videos

Not only open and free minded Americans can organize sick bdsm experiments. Always reserved Japanese people can also play these freak bdsm games. Wanna take a sneak? Come on!

Current rating:70%

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Strapon Sissies - Submissive Guys

Strict ladies take on favorite starpons and drill tight butts of their submissive boyfriends.

Current rating:100%

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Crazy Female Doctors - Shameless Nurses

Witness as strict female doctors and sexy nurses treat their male patients. Guy blush as they have to undress and show their small pricks to these lustful bitches.

Current rating:67%

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CFNM Tales - Femdom CFNM Stories

Take a trip with us and see as clothed and depraved ladies punish their absolutely naked male slaves. They took them outdoors and ordered to take off everything! Lets see what will happen.

Current rating:50%

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Ebony Femdom Videos - Strict Ebony Girls In Femdom Movies

Black ladies do have black hearts and don't have any moral restrictions to humiliate others. Watch as these ebony bitches dominate poor ladies and gentlemen.

Current rating:100%

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Brutal Ballbusting - Cock and Ball Torment

These raunchy ladies simply love to see men in pain. And of course they do know the most painful part of men body and use it in their dirty bizarre games.

Current rating:100%

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Humiliation POV - Small Penis Humiliation

Girls are in charge here. They tell you what to do and you worthless loser has to obey their orders otherwise you will be punished for sure. Be a good boy you lousy piece of crap!

Current rating:new

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Ballbusting Girls Workout - Extreme Ball Kicking

Meet really nerdy babes who use mens ball in the most worst way ever. They punch them instead of biting and licking. May be they are out of their minds?

Current rating:new

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My Slave Life - Guys Be Careful

This is place where guys look miserable and abused. Horny mistresses punish them for any bad things they do.

Current rating:new

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In Femdom - No Taboos or Limitations

They say only a woman really knows what another woman wants and when it comes to kinky submission fantasies of beautiful ladies nobody can deliver more painful pleasure and fuck a hot chick better than these unmerciful and utterly depraved lesbian mistresses.

Current rating:new

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Femdom Time - Cruel Bitches Take Full Control

Femdom Time takes you deep into the female domination territory where men are destined to be just miserable obedient slaves brought in to take multiple kinky punishments, get humiliated and suffer for their mistresses' pleasure.

Current rating:new

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Captive Male - Boys Abused

Men are stronger sex but unfortunately this rule is not applicable here! Strict and merciless mistresses will abuse disobedient dudes and you can see this hot femdom action!

Current rating:100%

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Chantas Bitches - Femdom Porn

Girls are always jealous of other girls having bigger boobs or better ass. Its the place where such chicks can get revenge and punish hoes they think are arrogant with them!

Current rating:new

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Pure Smothering - Smother Videos and Pictures

Another site in smothering, face-sitting and related fetish niches has popped up recently. It's Pure Smothering, no more no less. This resource contains a pretty fine collection of beautiful babes, enjoying plugging guys' mouths with their insatiable pussies, interfering into their breathing. Those boys can only lick them all over, nothing more.

Current rating:100%

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